Cell Phones for Soldiers

Cell Phones for Soldiers

Help our troops by donating your gently used cell phones and tablets to Cell Phones for Soldiers. Your donation to Cell Phones for Soldiers does more than just recycle your old cell phone and keep dangerous toxins such as lead, bromine, chlorine, mercury, cadmium, and lithium out of landfills. For every donated phone, Cell Phones for Soldiers is able to provide two and a half hours of free talk time to deployed soldiers.

What do you do with the Cell Phones?

CFI Michigan packages your donated devices and ships them to Cell Phones for Soldiers. Upon receipt, the donated devices are wiped of all personal information and checked to see if they are repairable/salable, and are sold to an electronics refurbisher for aftermarket sales. Devices that are too old or are broken are sold to recyclers who strip the devices of salvageable components/rare metals and responsibly recycle the remaining parts. The proceeds from this process are used to purchase prepaid international calling cards for troops and to provide emergency funding to veterans.

How to Donate

Cell Phones can be dropped off 24/7 at the CFI Michigan Office: 3777 44th Street SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49512. View on Google Maps »

A white donation canister is located inside the south vestibule: from the parking lot follow the sidewalk around to the right, towards 44th Street, to locate our entrance. The outer door is always unlocked and so phones can be donated 24/7.

You can also ship your phones directly to Cell Phones for Soldiers. Visit the Cell Phones for Soldier’s website to print off a shipping label and send your phones in directly to their recycle program. If you have 10 or more they will pay shipping and you can link your donation to CFI by entering the CFI Office address (see above) into the system.

CFI members can also donate their phones at select CFI events around the state. At selected events Event Hosts will have directions for shipping, and at some events they may collect phones – watch for collection dates in our weekly emails.  If you would like to do a local collection drive at an upcoming CFI event – contact the Service Committee.

About the Secular Service Program

CFI Secular Service is a program of CFI Michigan that is working to support CFI’s mission by translating humanist values into action for the common good. Secular Service is working to provide opportunities for members to engage in community service and outreach throughout the year.

Learn more about CFI Secular Service here. If you would like additional information about upcoming Secular Service projects or have questions – please contact Cindy Krieg: Email or call 616-698-2342.