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Why I Rejected Christianity

June 27, 2007
11:00 pm - 12:30 am EDT

The Sweet House
254 E. Fulton
Grand Rapids, MI 49503 United States

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Organized by:
Jeff Seaver
Phone: (616) 892-9300
Email: jeff@cfimichigan.org


In I Peter 3:15 it urges the faithful to always have a defense ready for their belief. Using that as the basis, Christian Apologetics looks for historical, scientific and other evidence for God and Jesus. Now, imagine being taught by the one of the biggest names in the field, understanding their findings and then being shaken from the faith by a deeper understanding. John Loftus’ presentation will explore his education and understanding of Christian Apologetics, his training under the leader of the field — Dr. William Lane Craig — and after teaching himself, his realization that the evidence for faith was not compatible with logic and reason. Loftus’ will explain how apologists base their arguments and the how the rigors of scientific inquiry make it clear that faith is truly belief without fact.

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After the meeting, join us at Vitale’s Restaurant, 834 Leonard NE, Grand Rapids, MI to socialize. View Map

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About John Loftus

John is a former Christian minister and apologist with M.A., M.Div., and Th.M. degrees in Philosophy, Theology, and the Philosophy of Religion from Lincoln Christian Seminary and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. While in school John majored under Dr William Lane Craig, the infamous leading evangelical apologist/debater of our generation. John also studied in a Ph.D. program at Marquette University for a year and a half in the area of Theology and Ethics. John authored the book, Why I Became an Atheist: A Former Preacher Rejects Christianity, and one titled The Outsider Test for Faith: How to Decide Which Religion is True, both published by the premier atheist publisher of our generation, Prometheus Books. He has edited two other important books, The Christian Delusion: Why Faith Fails, and The End of Christianity. He also co-wrote a debate book (with Dr. Randal Rauser) titled, God or Godless. (That’s five published books in five years!) John has traveled America speaking for and entertaining audiences from Ohio, to New York, to Louisiana, to Texas, to Los Angeles, to Colorado, to Wisconsin, and many places in-between. He even did a gig in Toronto, Canada, and somehow passed the border checkpoint as an atheist.