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Study of the Historical Jesus

October 10, 2007
11:00 pm - 12:30 am EDT

The Sweet House
254 E. Fulton
Grand Rapids, MI 49503 United States

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Organized by:
Jennifer Beahan
Phone: 616-698-2342 x801
Email: jbeahan@centerforinquiry.org


For centuries scholars and lay people, both religious and secular, have grappled with the meaning and historicity of Jesus. Who is he? What did he say? Is there historical evidence on this person whom notably is one of the most important figures in western civilization? Regardless of one’s point of view, Jesus is the central focus of what is to become the world’s largest religion. Yet, even today, we find ourselves grasping for clues of this man whom some claim is their personal savior while others insist he never existed to begin with. How is this to be? As Bart Ehrman, (Misquoting Jesus) said: “You would think that a person (Jesus) this important is well known, yet nothing could be farther from the truth”. Sodoni’s presentation will highlight some of the key features of current historical Jesus research.

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About Jeff Sodini

Language Therapist, Flint Public Schools

Jeff Sodini of Flushing, Michigan has been a Speech and Language Therapist for the Flint Public Schools for over 28 years. He holds a B.S. from Western Michigan University (1976) and a M.A. from Eastern Michigan University (1985). As an amateur he has been in study of the historical Jesus for nearly five years. The past three years having taught community education classes for the Flushing Community School on the same topic. His hobbies include tennis, golf, running, as well as computer building and videography.