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Spiritual But Not Religious – Ian Lawton (Grand Rapids)

July 14, 2010
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

The Sweet House
254 E. Fulton
Grand Rapids, MI 49503 United States

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Organized by:
Jennifer Beahan
Phone: 616-698-2342 x801
Email: jbeahan@centerforinquiry.org


In his lecture Ian Lawton will discuss the “Spiritual But Not Religious” movement, its purpose and goals, as well as sharing about the transformation the C3 Exchange (formerly Christ Community Church in Spring Lake) has undergone in the last year as they have changed their name and removed the cross from their building as part of an effort to clarify their intentions and better reflect their inclusive spiritual community. A period for questions will follow the lecture.

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After the meeting, join us at Vitale’s Restaurant, 834 Leonard NE, Grand Rapids, MI to socialize. View Map

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About Ian Lawton

Executive Minister, C3 Exchange

Ian originates from Australia and the story is that of one man’s deep mission to nourish the spiritual nature of humanity. It has been an interesting journey since Ian was ordained as an Anglican Priest in Sydney, Australia, in 1994 and later completed a second degree in sociology. Sydney is one of the most conservative Anglican dioceses in the world and Ian never fit into that church culture. He was always more interested in connecting with the people who don’t go to church; the homeless people, the broken people, the creative people, the liberated people, the recovering people, the inquiring people, the family people, those who put their humanity before their ideology. In 2000, Ian left Sydney to find a more open place to explore a relevant and evolving theology. He went on to be the Vicar of St. Matthew's in downtown Auckland, New Zealand for four years where he was exposed to Maori language and culture, mixed with a stimulating community; and launched an online progressive network. Bishop John Shelby Spong then convinced Ian to come to the United States to lead an emerging group of progressive Christians in Michigan. Today Ian calls Grand Haven, Michigan home where he lives with his wife Meg and three children Hugo, Darcy and Raina. C3 Exchange (formerly Christ Community Church) in West Michigan (of all the most unlikely places) has a sizable population of church alumni. The C3 community is an incredibly talented, impressive group of human beings. Ian is the leader and teacher of the C3 community. Since moving to the U.S. Ian’s sense of sacred has broadened to embrace all things. Ian has taken up meditation and Zen training which have helped to remove any tendency to divide the world up into good and bad, holy and profane.