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A Finely-tuned world? A Look at Arguments on Both Sides of the Theist/Atheist Divide (Grand Rapids)

September 28, 2016
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

The Sweet House
254 E. Fulton
Grand Rapids, MI 49503 United States

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Organized by:
Jennifer Beahan
Phone: 616-698-2342 x801
Email: jbeahan@centerforinquiry.org


The fine-tuning argument for the existence of God has come to be seen as the modern face of the design argument. Relatively recent discoveries in cosmology suggest that certain cosmological constants and initial conditions have fallen within a remarkably narrow range for the universe to be life-permitting at all. According to some theistic philosophers, these ‘fine-tuned’ discoveries demand a theistic explanation. There is, on the other hand, a tuning problem of an entirely different sort to be found in the fact that pain and pleasure are ‘fine-tuned’ toward the biological goals of survival and reproduction.

In this talk, Justin provides a fine-grained look at fine-tuning arguments on both sides of the theist/atheist debate.

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About Justin Schieber, Host

the Real Atheology YouTube Channel

Justin Schieber is former co-host of the Reasonable Doubts Radio Show and Podcast and current host of Real Atheology (RealAtheology.com), a Podcast focusing on contemporary academic philosophy of religion. Justin has lectured on the philosophical arguments for and against the existence of God and has participated in many public debates throughout the United States and Canada. December 2016 saw the publication of 'An Atheist and a Christian Walk into a Bar', a conversational exploration on the merits of theism co-authored with Canadian theologian Randal Rauser and published through Prometheus Books.