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Center for Inquiry engages in lobbying and advocacy on issues aligned with our mission and is fighting to keep religion and pseudoscience out of public policy, and resisting the harmful initiatives that are threatening the rights of secular individuals. CFI is also working to defend our shared ideals of reason, science, and secular values.

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To empower our members we’ve developed the Advocacy Training Resources on this page so we can resist anti-secular, anti-science, and anti-freedom initiatives at all levels of government. Scroll down for a list of resources. If you have any questions or need more information email us: michigan(at)

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Jennifer Beahan, CFI MI Executive Director, and Jason Lemieux, CFI Public Policy Director with CFI Members outside the Michigan Capitol building in Lansing at the 2018 Advocacy Day!
2018 Advocacy Day Attendees at the Michigan Capitol in Lansing!

Current Advocacy Issues & Projects

CFI MI Advocacy Goals, Core Issues and Advocacy Issue Positions (2019)

CFI MI Secular Constituency Fact Sheet with Estimated Population by Legislative District

2019 Advocacy Day – CFI’s Current Legislative Priorities & Legislative Positions

Center for Inquiry’s Current National Advocacy Issues, Action Alerts, and Legislation Tracking

Secular Celebrants & Marriage Equality

Press Release – CFI Files Lawsuit to Challenge Religious Privilege in Solemnizing Marriages

The Need for Secular Celebrants in Michigan – Share this guide with your State Legislators to educate them about the need to amend the Michigan Marriage Law so that it does not discriminate against secular and non-religious citizens.

If you contact your legislator(s) on any of CFI’s Advocacy Issues: Please forward us a copy of the emails you send, or cc: in your emails, so we can track our progress on these important issues!

Advocacy Training Resources

Following the 2016 Election and numerous requests from CFI Members on how we could fight back, we developed these Advocacy Training Resources to help all of our member become Citizen Activists & Lobbyists!

New to Advocacy or Lobbying? Don’t Worry! Remember, your elected officials work for YOU (or they should!), and the more voices we have the more likely we are to be heard. Review the training materials below and you’ll have the tools you need to speak confidently about your views as a secular citizen. If you are unsure about anything you can always call or email us: 616-698-2342 x801,

Michigan’s Legislative Process & Resources